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This blog offers an exclusive, subscription-based premium plan. Premium subscribers gain enhanced benefits over their free counterparts.

This blog offers an exclusive, subscription-based premium plan. Premium subscribers gain enhanced benefits over their free counterparts, including:

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Premium Posts

I will be granting exclusive access to select upcoming posts to premium subscribers only. These posts, rich in research and analysis, are designed to significantly boost the density of life. I commit to publishing such premium content at least twice a month.

  • The 3x3 Matrix Strategy for Receiving Effective Feedback: Follow-up Articles (Part 2 and 3) (+ GPTs)
  • Secrets to Enhance Meeting Efficacy: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Meeting Conversations (+ GPTs)
  • How to Master a Topic at a Graduate Level in Just One Day
  • The Essentials of the Book "High Output Management" + Additional Insights

As of February 2024, my most ambitious premium post series is titled "Meeting the Debugging Experts." This series features interviews with senior developers renowned for their exceptional debugging skills, conducted through the specialized technique of Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA). This approach allows me to delve into what they observe and how they behave, small habits that add up to create the magic of debugging.

Moreover, I've expanded the scope to interview individuals with outstanding problem-solving skills across various fields (UX Writers, Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor, etc.) extracting methods for life-debugging. Although the content initially focuses on problem solvers in Korea, it undoubtedly offers valuable insights for the global subscribers.

Finally, several valuable articles from my former Korean-language blog, which I have been running for years, will soon be translated into English and exclusively pre-released to our premium subscribers.

  • Achieving Goals: The Power of Objectives, Key Results, and Feedback
  • Frontend Engineer Career Roadmap: Three Expertise Tracks for Juniors
  • Overcoming Fear of Undervaluation, Rejection, and Nuisance When Asking Questions
  • When Should We Trust an Expert's Intuition?
  • Top Performers Are Made, Not Born
  • 5 Common Aspects of Great Software Engineers
  • Can Just Stacking Books at Home Boost Your Child's Academic Performance?